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Rehabilitation medicine center, Sukhumvit Hospital, is another medical service of Sukhumvit Hospital emphasizing to promote prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of physical performance in order that the patients can have excellent treatments and can return to live in the ordinary lifestyle in term of the physical, mind, and social according to the professional standard.

These are created by rehabilitation medicine professionals, occupational therapists, physical therapists who are the experts in the fields including complete quality equipment and modern technologies which are safe and effective at a high level according to the standard in which this leads to satisfaction.

Inside the rehabilitation medicine center, there are many services to take care and treat the patients inclusively including the arrangement of specific zones for patients to receive the practice personally.

The physical therapist room provide services for treatment, physical rehabilitation, health problem resulted from physical condition of the patients.

For the physical therapy…or the condition rehabilitation of back pain treatment, this will help to relieve the inflammation and pain in order to prevent chronic symptoms by which there are teams of doctors to look after closely.

In addition to receiving the treatment from a team of specialized rehabilitation doctors, the rehabilitation medicine center also utilizes modern technologies to increase the treatment effectiveness and reduce the time of treatment rapidly.

The Hyperbaric chamber has the capsule-like shape which is equipment that uses oxygen treatment and high atmospheric pressure. This means the patient is treated by breathing in 100% pure oxygen while the patient is inside the atmospheric pressure that is more than 1 atmosphere in which this provides the body with higher oxygen level comparing to receiving oxygen under the normal atmospheric pressure helping for better and faster rehabilitation.

This is found commonly in patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causing the patient to have less capability to perform activities and to be worry. The center can provide treatment both in immediate and chronic conditions.

There is another room that is a highlight and is considered to be an innovation that the center has been equipped with a treatment technology. TMS room uses an electro-magnetic technology to stimulate changes in the operations of the nervous system and the muscle system. If the treatment is received with the physical therapy, it can help the patient to recover better by 30 – 60% as a result of the modern equipment.

For the EMG acupuncture room, the measurement of electric signal created from the nerves and muscles is preformed directly to be used in analysis and prediction of the disease occurred in the nerves and the muscles.

Apart from the new innovations that the center has used for the treatment, there is an exercise zone for rehabilitation by exercise, In Zone type, according to the heaviness of the heart beat in which it is provided with complete equipment.

We have provided the service continually for an extended period of time and new equipment used in the treatment helps the patients to return back to live their lives in the ordinary way much faster. The patient who used to receive a normal standard service will notice the clear change. We would like to thank you all patients and their relatives for the trust to use our service and thank you everyone who passes long this information and tells many friends and relatives to come and receive the service that is enhanced with these modern technologies that bring back the quality of life to everyone successfully.

Rehabilitation medicine center, Sukhumvit Hospital, is dedicated to develop the quality for treatment and rehabilitation in a leading level according to the international standard with modern equipment and technologies, specialized teams of doctors, and expert personnel for the highest safety and satisfaction of anyone who comes and receives the service.


Rehabilitation Center

Location of Service Center :
9th Floor, Sukumvit Hospital.

Service time : Open daily 07.00 am - 08.00 pm. 

Please contact the Rehabilitation Center :
+66 (0) 2-391-0011 ext. 971, 972

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