How to get cared at a Hospitel provided by Sukumvit Hospital


What if you have direct contact with Covid-19 positive patients?

If you are at higher risk of getting Covid-19 such as living with, caring for, dining with, or working with those with symptoms, you can get a RCT-PT test.

What if you test positive with an ATK?

If your ATK test is positive, you should visit a hospital to get another test to confirm your status.

What is a Hospitel?

A hospitel is a hotel with an extended healthcare service provided by a hospital permitted by Ministry of Public Health.

Hospitel Registration Procedures

If your ATK test is positive, you can come to Sukhumvit Hospital to get another test to confirm your status. There are two ways to do that. You can either go to a COVID-19 Fast Track Drive-thru Testing or visit Sukhumvit Hospital’s Respiratory Clinic. Although Hospitels are temporary healthcare services, patients are not advised to go there directly. We stand firm that patients should visit a hospital in order to get a chest x-ray, blood test, and evaluation from doctors whether they could be treated at hospitels.

Which type of Covid-19 patients could be admitted to Hospitels?

Most Covid-9 positive individuals have few but mild symptoms. These patients are not at risk of being on extra oxygen or a ventilator and can be treated at hospitels. Covid-19 patients can be classified into different groups such as young patients, old patients without underlying diseases, unhealthy conditions, nor can abnormal lung functions receive treatments at hospitels as recommended by doctors. What’s crucial is that they seek evaluations at a hospital first to check if they should be treated at a hospitel or hospital.

How are patients treated at a Hospitel?

At a hospitel provided by Sukhumvit Hospital, a team of doctors and nurse practitioners are on 24-hour standby. The doctors will check body temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen level at least twice a day. Meanwhile, if the patients show declining conditions or severe symptoms, the doctors may arrange further x-rays or a check-up at the hospital. In case the conditions of the patients at Hospitels get worse, a hospital transfer will be arranged to properly care for them. Sukhumvit Hospital would like to assure every citizen that we are ready to take care of everyone every day to get us all through this crisis. Whether it is a treatment or an isolation that is suggested by the Ministry of Public Health, whether it is a Home Isolation or an admission to the hospital, it is to prevent the virus from spreading further. We hope the Covid-19 pandemic will get better.

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