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Sukumvit Cardiac Center

Offers 24-hour treatment and care for heart disease ranging from initial check-up and diagnosis, treatment, prevention to heart rehabilitation with the aid of high level medical technology and equipment, under the care of highly qualified and experienced heart specialists'team.

Latest Medical Technology and Equipment

Sukumvit Cardiac Center is equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment that enables quick heart check-ups with clear and accurate results, including such advance technology as:

- Checking condition of heart and arteries with high speed       computerized X-ray (128 slice CT scan) together with           check-up of calcium deposit level within artery. (Calcium       Score)

- Heart check-up with ultrasound before and after exercise  (Exercise Stress Echo) or before and after taking                   medication (Dobutamine Stress Echo).

- Artery functioning efficiency test (ABI: Ankle Brachial             Pressure Index).

- Carotid artery check-up (Carotid Doppler) among others.

Aside from this, Sukumvit Cardiac Center also provides a Catheterization Laboratory facility that has been designed and equipped with advance technology from Germany that allows capability for check-ups, performing angiograms as well as treating blocked arteries at the same time.