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E N T Center

This Center provides the following check-ups and treatment:

  • - Rigid and Fiberoptic Endoscopy and Microscopy         (computerized camera insertion with visual display       on screen) to diagnose inflammations, tumors and       cancer of ear, nose and throat as well as camera to     check the larynx with capability of snipping tissue         sample for testing.

  • - Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

  • - Tympanoplasty or surgery to repair eardrum by            inserting tube to drain pus or water trapped in the         middle ear with aid of microscope.

  • - Skin Prick Test to diagnose and treat allergies. This      is the safest, fastest and most economical method.

  • - Desensitized Immunotherapy, treatment of allergy        with injection.

  • - Screening Audiography to diagnose cochlear nerve      to treat loss of hearing and sudden deafness.

  • - Tympanogram to check the functioning of the middle   ear and diagnose water trapped behind the ear             drum, shift in auditory ossicles and tumor in the           middle ear.

  • - Surgery of tonsil, saliva gland, enlarged thyroid and      adenoid glands in children.