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Eye Care Center

          The Eye Center is equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment especially for check-up of a complete range of eye ailments and various eye conditions from general problems to those that require specialist attention. The Center is operated by a team of specialist opticians expert in every area related to the eye and are able to treat both children and adults with the aid of such modern technology such as:

           - CT-VF (Computer Visual Field Analysis)
           - Ultrasonic Phacoemulsification (dissolving cataract with ultrasonic technology)
           - Digital Slit Lamp Microscope (Digital eye check-up microscope) Auto Refraction
           - TX-F Full Auto Tonometer (automatic eye blood pressure machine)
           - Fundus Camera (a computerized digital camera that takes pictures of the optic nerve with instant results).
           - Biometry (ultrasound synthetic lens measurement machine)
           - Accurus Vitrectomy (surgical tool for removing vitreous degeration or foreign body).
           - Laser service for treating cataracts and retina such as:
                    - YAG Laser machine (for treating glaucoma and post cataract surgery)
                    - Photo Disruptor (laser for treating glaucoma)
                    - Photo Coagulator (laser treating diabetic retina)
                    - SLT or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (laser for treating glaucoma)
                    - OCT or Optical Coherence Tomography machine for scanning retina, optic nerve layer and depth of retina, helping in diagnosis and long term assessment of glaucoma and retinal disease.
           - Synoptophore: A special machine for rehabilitation of eyesight and eye muscle (for amblyopia or lazy eye and strabismus or crossed-eyes) that is operated by specialist optician and skilled technician, reassuring to the patient and family.

           Sukumvit Hospital Eye Center provides annual eye check-up service both within the hospital and outside (for group check-ups).

           You can consult our specialist knowledgeable team about your eye health by phone every working day from 09.00 a.m -0 8.30 p.m.