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Medical Center

Our specialist Internal Medicine Center stresses on providing ‘One-stop convenience’ service i.e. enable the patient to receive care and treatment, X-ray, blood test, medicines and payment all at one point. Sukumvit Hospital stands ready to care for patients completely in every way within its specialist treatment centers.

Neurology Clinic

This Clinic provides check-up/diagnosis and treatment service for diseases of the brain and bone marrow conducted by a team of specialized neurologists with the aid of modern medical equipment and technology.

The following diseases or symptoms of the nervous system is recommended for patient to consult a neurologist.

  • Dizziness and Syncope

  • Headaches, neck aches, back aches and facial aches.

  • Weakness in arms and legs as a consequence of brain blood vessel disease and epilepsy.

  • Abnormal movement such as Parkinson disease, muscle ticks.

  • Deterioration of nerves, numbness at fingertips and tip of the foot.

  • Weakness in arms and legs , muscle ache, inflammation of nerve endings.

Gastroenterology Clinic

This Clinic provides check-up and treatment of diseases of the stomach or the digestive system, liver, gall bladder and pancreas by a team of specialized gastroenterologists. Services cover:

  • Gastroscopy (stomach check-up with camera and tools or gastroscope)
  • Colonoscopy (colon check-up with camera and tools or colonoscope).
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder stone with camera and tools).